Visi-Trac™ for Work-in-Process

RFID Global’s Visi-Trac™ application for parts tracking automates Work-in-Process visibility, allowing better control of manufacturing production and assembly processes. Visi-Trac WIP provides real-time insight into work order status and where parts are in workflow at any particular time, allowing our customers to better monitor and manage workflow progress and better control manufacturing and assembly processes.

Knowing the physical location and status of parts as sub-assemblies are brought together is critical. Not being able to find components can hold up the assembly of an aircraft, automobile or other industrial equipment, with significant financial impact to the supplier and manufacturer.

Visi-Trac WIP ties into materials resource planning and inventory management systems to provide demand history, consumption and utilization information, and speed inventory ordering and replenishment. Visi-Trac enhances the quality and operational efficiency of large-scale manufacturing environments, where the state of any particular part is only as good as the data received from the last update.

We combine our Visi-Trac WIP application with commercial hardware products for real-time data capture and integrate to third-party ERP/MRP applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, for a fully integrated WIP tracking solution.