Visi-Trac™ - Real-time asset visibility

Visi-Trac Healthcare Location Screen ENLARGED

Visi-Trac™ – The Real Time Visibility Platform

Visi-Trac is an enterprise asset management solution enabling real-time visibility in asset management and work-in-process. Real-time visibility enables highly accurate views of inventory and assets, improving operational efficiency, increasing productivity and enhancing security.

Visi-Trac was designed to capture a wide range of inputs from technologies including active and passive RFID, barcode and sensors. Visi-Trac can be deployed on a variety of form factors, including RFID portals, carts, smartphones and mobile computing devices.

Visi-Trac tracks, monitors and secures assets ranging from tools to laptops, servers and lab equipment. Visi-Trac WIP tracks aerospace and electronic sub-assemblies from the production floor to final assembly.

All Visi-Trac solutions provide a web-based interface and integrate with enterprise asset management and ERP applications.


One Platform, Multiple Technologies

Visi-Trac offers customers the ability to “dial-in” the granularity of real-time visibility they need by capturing identity, location and condition from a broad range of data capture technologies. Visi-Trac supports active and  passive RFID and sensors, enabling customers to solve their unique challenges and future-proof their architectures.

Real-Time Mapping

Our platform offers the ability to pull in a map of your existing floor plan and create zones of real time visibility into your assets and operations. The mapping functions support zonal and chokepoint read capability. Each zone can be individually configured to provide unique alerting and business logic.

Alert Notification

Visi-Trac’s flexible dashboards deliver key decision making information. Virtual zones can be set to send alerts when an asset has crossed a boundary. Real-time alerting options include email, SMS and general purpose input-output devices.


Web-based user reports provide real-time reporting for optimizing customer operations and making timely decisions.


Visi-Trac has a scalable distributed architecture that enables integration to key business systems and aggregation of data capture technologies.


  • Intuitive, easy to understand web-based interface
  • Distributed, web-services based architecture
  • Zone based monitoring
  • Resolution < 1 meter indoors with active RTLS
  • Real-time, user-programmed alerts
  • Ability to set minimum, maximum and reorder point values
  • Reports on asset location, movement and history
  • Integrates with RFIDGS SmartTrac™ line of RFID readstations
  • Supports wide range of technologies – Active, Passive, and Semi-Passive RFID, UWB, Barcode
  • Cross-Industry flexibility – Aerospace & Defense, Data Centers, Government, Healthcare and Industrial applications
  • Interfaces to enterprise EAM / MRP systems such as IBM Maximo, IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT, HP Asset Manager, and BMC Remedy