Visi-Trac Mobile™

solution-5-visi-trac_mobileExtend the value of Visi-Trac to handheld readers, smartphones and enterprise tablets with Visi-Trac Mobile™. Visi-Trac Mobile allows for real time synchronization of data with Visi-Trac’s Enterprise version to provide location awareness. It empowers employees with the data they need to make real time decisions allowing them to inventory assets, reassign assets, commission new assets, or remove assets.

Visi-Trac Mobile operates in a real-time, over the air mode or a store and forward mode. The mobile client allows for image lookup and identification. Why deploy inflexible fixed infrastructures when you can use mobile to lower your costs and improve your RFID ROI?

Visi-Trac Mobile™ Key Features:

• Extension of Visi-Trac to the edge empowering the employee
• Mobile passive RFID data capture
• Microsoft Windows Mobile .net architecture
• Real-time synchronization with Visi-Trac (OTA or Store & forward)
• Inventory Scan Mode
• Inventory exception management
• Search and lookup Mode
• Add/edit Asset Mode
• User Authentication
• Password Management
• Product Images

Key benefits:

• Mobile RFID keeps RFID HW investment to a minimum
• Affordably extends RFID further into the enterprise process
• Update Asset status in real time

Visi-Trac Mobile™ is part of the Visi-Trac software suite of asset tracking applications.