securevote_imageVisi-Trac drives a secure, automated asset management solution, SecureVote™ for the collection of voting equipment. By tagging voting system components and the courier bags used for transport of the equipment, Visi-Trac is able to authenticate ownership and chain of custody in a documented audit trail.

Working closely with county officials in Alameda County, California, RFID Global Solution developed the SecureVote™ solution to provide an accurate, secure method of tracking and collecting voting equipment, and eliminate delays in the vote counting process. SecureVote provides an electronic chain of custody and dramatically improves the efficiency and integrity of the “voter equipment return verification process”.

Since the SecureVote solution was launched in November 2007, Alameda County employees have been able to verify that all voting equipment is accounted for in less than 90 minutes (compared with four to five hours in the old process). SecureVote provides a clear picture of the voting equipment supply chain and tracks where, when and how each movement occurs.