ArtTrac™ Technologies is our business partner offering Asset Tracking solutions in the Art and High Value markets. ArtTrac provides real-time asset visibility solutions for the conservation, security and storage of valuable art, antiques, collectibles and other high-value assets. ArtTrac was designed to meet the needs of Auction Houses, Museums and Collectors.

ArtTrac enables visibility of installed and stored art through the following offerings:


Warehouse, store room or wine cellar portal records entry and exit of high value assets and personnel; zonal monitoring of art when on exhibition or in storage.


Data collection and management of art assets moved through exhibit space or storage. Also can track security and warehouse personnel.


Provides visibility of art assets, museum staff, and viewing public within a museum or exhibit facility to aid in disaster / evacuation scenarios.


Artifact and jewelry security and inventory management solution providing 24/7 visibility for valuable assets while installed and In-Storage.