Visi-Trac™ for Healthcare

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Visi-Trac for Healthcare

Our Visi-Trac Healthcare™ solution was developed on real-world projects with clients tracking reusable medical equipment, infusion pumps, cardiac stents, and hospital supplies. Visi-Trac for Healthcare was designed to track reusable medical equipment, instruments, supplies and patient flow throughout a medical facility.


In today’s hospital environment, the number of procedures, medications and equipment a facility uses are almost limitless. Cumbersome manual processes to manage the healthcare supply chain can affect budgets and impact delivery of care. Even though inventory management is of the utmost importance, most nurses and healthcare professionals are not logistics professionals. When inventory is not tracked properly, inefficiency and additional costs can increase. Supplies get lost, stock- outs occur, critical equipment locations are uncertain, and on-hand inventory can balloon unnecessarily.

Visi-Trac for Healthcare provides visibility to track assets, patients, and inventory while increasing provider productivity throughout a healthcare enterprise. It simplifies the tracking and management of asset location, status and availability of medical equipment.  Visi-Trac can aggregate the outputs from many medical systems into a common user interface which in turn improves the quality of service, health outcomes and financial performance.


Real-Time Locator

Visi-Trac’s main location screen provides instant visualization on where equipment is located throughout a hospital, using a floor plan of the facility. Select the type of mobile equipment to be found, such as ECG monitors, infusion pumps or ultrasound machines, and the location and availability of the equipment is displayed. Reserve the equipment from a central nurses’ station or mobile device. Monitor the location of patients and healthcare providers and send pages and alerts directly from a central monitor.
Visi-Trac Healthcare Location Screen ENLARGED

Equipment Manager

Get the right equipment to the right location at the right time, by tracking the location and status of mobile equipment, reserving the equipment online, and sending alerts to have equipment brought to the point of care. Equipment can include aspirators, beds, defibrillators, infusion pumps, blood pressure monitors, vital signs monitors and wheelchairs, or any type of specialized medical equipment.

Supplies Manager

Find consumable supplies and medications, get automatic alerts on expiration dates, see quantities in stock; re-order supplies directly from a central nurse station. Track catheters, IVs, syringes, medications and other consumable supplies; link to order replenishment and patient billing systems.


Alerts for medical equipment requiring attention or service are delivered directly to the Visi-Trac at a central monitor or on mobile devices. Staff duress and temperature alerts show remediation activities for Joint Commission compliance.

Patient Flow

Track the patient from the moment of arrival at the facility including progress thru treatment procedures with updated information on location, condition and vital signs. Enhance the quality of service to patient caregivers by communicating real- time updates on status and planned treatments.

Single Platform, Multiple Technologies

Visi-Trac enables hospitals to integrate numerous wireless technologies and clinical solutions into one intuitive, easy-to-use asset management system. Visi-Trac supports barcode, RFID, RTLS and Wi-Fi technologies in one common platform.

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