Products - SmartTable™ and Visi-Trac™ Inventory Management

smarttable2The only US DoD-compliant SmartTable on the market. The patent-pending SmartTable™ is outfitted with RFID readers and antennas enabling accurate data capture of RFID tagged items placed on or above the SmartTable™ surface. Ideally suited for industrial, commercial or retail shipping, receiving or distribution applications. 6 ft x 3 ft workspace (standard) with a variety of sizes available.

The SmartTable™ has been engineered to isolate the read field within the boundaries of the table, both above and around. The SmartTable™ was designed for use in DoD field applications, kitting operations, and return centers. The SmartTable™ is used by the Department of Defense for managing inventory receipt and issue at remote locations and in supply centers. The SmartTable™ is also used as a portable read station in our SecureVote™ solution to provide a hands-free working space to facilitate automated data capture.

The SmartTable™ is highly adaptable and can accommodate a wide array of RFID technology. Each unit comes complete with reader, antennas, network interface, light indicators and easy access panels which provide rapid equipment upgrades or replacement. Strong, durable construction, two-man portable, adaptable, easy-to-install, innovative RFID solution.

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