Products - ColdChain Freezer™ and Visi-Trac™ Time & Temperature Sensor

The patent-pending SmartFreezer™ for Cold Chain management and Visi-Trac™ Time and Temperature Sensing application were developed to track temperature-sensitive sealants and adhesives for The Boeing Company. This turnkey automated inventory management solution provides item-level visibility of sub-zero freezer inventory while monitoring temperature status. The SmartFreezer™ solution tracks critical and hazardous materials from point of origin, in-transit and in storage, through use in manufacturing processes and disposal. Visi-Trac’s real-time inventory and temperature monitoring capabilities provide the data needed to ensure optimal levels of stock are on-hand and the materials are in useable condition, so that quality of critical end-products is maintained.

Tracking of time and temperature-sensitive sealants, adhesives and composites can be a very time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Walk-in and chest high freezers are challenging work areas. By using Visi-Trac™ to track chemicals, composites and other materials in these environments, labor costs can be significantly reduced, products maintained at optimal storage temperatures to assure longest life, and products used prior to expiration. Visi-Trac™ Temperature Sensing and SmartFreezer™ solutions are useful in most cold chain applications.


  • Modular insert custom fitted for your freezer
  • Minimal modifications
  • Reads product stored at any orientation
  • Monitors temperature
  • Standard set of reports
  • Easy installation, maintenance
  • Unique antenna design
  • External reader
  • Components are user replaceable
  • Uses disposable RFID tags
  • UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compatible
  • Network-based, web-based user interface
  • Integrates with ERP systems


  • Track assets in sub-zero temperatures (- 80°F)
  • Monitor & record temperatures down to -120°F
  • Reads product stored at any orientation
  • Send Emergency alerts to cell phones and/or computers
  • Enable Vendor Managed Inventory and minimize waste
  • Manage your entire inventory remotely through the GlobalView “Dash Board” Information Centere
  • Simple implementation
  • All inserts arrive “ready for installation”
  • Complete retrofit planning and support