Products - SmartView Enclosures™

SmartDoorVersatile enclosure system designed to mount and protect RFID equipment and accessories at doorways. Industrial strength, light weight, modular to fit your requirements, and durable enough for the toughest environments.

The SmartView™ enclosure and antenna mount system is highly adaptable and may be used with many OEM RFID manufacturer’s equipment, including Motorola, Impinj and Alien. Each unit comes with pre-drilled screw holes for mounting readers and antennas, as well as running cables and power cords. Cable channels hide and protect wires. Light indicators and other sensing devices may be easily attached. Antennas may be easily canted, raised, or lowered based on your design needs. A “quick-change” reader tray provides rapid equipment upgrades or replacement.

Available in white with brushed aluminum accents and many other colors.


Easy to Install

The SmartView™ portal is designed to be installed by one person, providing a standard, repeatable solution with lower deployment costs than other comparable units.

Aesthetically pleasing

Available in anodized (clear, bronze and black) or painted finish (any color). Trademarked corporate colors may be duplicated with permission.
Optional Covers
Clear or tinted facings to help protect your valuable equipment are also available. They may even be customized into a sign using graphics, logos and words.


The SmartView™ enclosure is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from date of shipment, provided the product remains unmodified and is operated under normal and proper conditions.


Units may be put back to back in environments with adjacent portals. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Strong, Durable Construction

Made from the same industrial strength metal that secures windows in place on skyscrapers.