Products - SmartCart™ and Visi-Trac™ Asset Tracking

smartcartMobile workspace solution for logistics or asset tracking operations in almost any industrial or commercial setting.

The SmartCart™ is a battery-powered industrial cart with integrated RFID data collection equipment, designed for mobile and stationary applications. The SmartCart™ can be employed in a vast number of logistical, asset-tracking or security operations.

The SmartCart’s rugged construction provides the user with a durable and reliable RFID platform. The SmartCart™ contains RFID components from some of the most respected names in the business. The SmartCart’s superior RF design provides a focused read field that allows for automatic data collection, while minimizing undesired reads. This enables the user to receive against Advanced Shipping Notices, build outgoing Shipping Manifests, and enhance the accuracy of inventory tracking and control with little or no need for manual data collection.

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