From the Trenches – Deploying Airline Baggage Tracking Infrastructure at 120 airports worldwide

Each year, Delta customers check more than 120 million bags as they travel. In 2016, Delta became the first airline to roll out RFID bag tags and provide customers with real-time tracking of their bags throughout their travel experience.

RFID Global teamed with IBM to lead the design and deployment of a solution comprised of 4,600 scanners, 3,800 RFID printers and 600 pier and claim readers, integrated to enable hands-free scanning of baggage throughout the handling process.

Join the RFID Global team at RFID Journal Live! on April 2, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona and hear from the project managers and engineering team that make it happen in the field. From navigating the logistics of working at over 120 airports worldwide, getting the infrastructure up and running, and making sure that Delta could deliver a flawless customer experience, this is the team that knows how to deliver.

Speakers: Diana Hage, CEO; Terry Alderson, SVP Engineering; and Gary McCann, Sr. Program Manager

Terry Alderson leads the engineering and solutions architecture team at RFID Global. Terry’s 16 years at Boeing and 12 years in RFID R&D and systems engineering makes him one of the world¹s foremost experts in deploying RFID solutions in the airline industry. He has designed and installed passive RFID and active RTLS solutions for airline baggage tracking, work-in-process tracking and supply chain visibility in numerous facilities. In his spare time, Terry pilots helicopters.

Gary McCann is a Sr. Program Manager at RFID Global with two years in-the-trenches experience leading the Delta Airline Baggage Tracking deployment. Gary managed multiple teams of globe-trotting field engineers and technicians as they upgraded printers at jetways and concourses, performed testing and optimization of RFID infrastructure, and supported Delta Ground Personnel in getting the system up and running. Gary was responsible for scheduling, field communications, on-site logistics and daily reporting, and has a wealth of lessons learned from the field.

Diana Hage is CEO, RFID Global, with a decade of RFID design and deployment experience in the Aerospace industry, having worked with industry leaders Airbus, Boeing and Delta Airlines on global asset tracking initiatives. Diana managed communications, resource hiring and provided program oversight throughout the Delta Air Lines deployment. She is focused on how technology can be used to enhance customer experience and make a positive impact.