RFID Global Solution, Inc. and Zebra Enterprise Solutions Partner to Offer Customers a Broad Array of Technology

ZES Customer Program Extends Zebra’s Reach in to Enterprise Solutions Market

Oakland, California and Reston, Virginia

Zebra Enterprise Solutions, a division of Zebra Technologies (Nasdaq:ZBRA), has extended its parent company’s partner program by offering resellers such as RFID Global Solution, Inc. a suite of enterprise solutions to sell to its customers who want to streamline business operations.

RFID Global Solution (RFIDGS), the leader in real-time visibility solutions for RFID and sensors, joins the Zebra Enterprise Solutions partner program. The partnership gives RFIDGS access to resell RTLS solutions using a range of active RFID products offered by Zebra Enterprise Solutions (ZES). RFIDGS and ZES have recently signed up a military customer to locate, track and optimize its assets.

RFIDGS already sells Zebra RFID printers and ZES Ultra Wide Band solutions, which were developed by MultiSpectral Solutions, one of four companies Zebra acquired to form its Enterprise Solutions division. As a ZES partner, RFID Global Solution will also resell the ISO24730 hardware and software RTLS products, as well as the GPS-based Infoman equipment.

“The advantage of joining the Zebra Enterprise Solutions partner program is that now we can scale to our customers’ demands as they adopt a broad array of technology solutions. As a stand-alone company, MultiSpectral Solutions was a relatively small company before Zebra acquired it in 2008, and limited to what the company could provide from a support and eco-system perspective,” said Joe White, chief operating officer at RFID Global Solution. “Zebra Enterprise Solutions provides the enterprise scale, and has a wide suite of solutions that allows us to better position products with our customers. To have a big tool box to help customers solve their problems is always a good thing.” RFIDGS has already deployed the ZES UWB hardware with their Visi-Trac software at several customer sites.

With the introduction of the Zebra Enterprise Solutions partner program, Zebra extends its footprint by enabling partners to sell a broad range of products and enterprise solutions to customers, something the company did not offer prior to establishing its enterprise division in Oakland, California.

“Developing strong relationships with leading partners such as RFID Global Solution is a key strategy to growing our business,” said Bill Walsh, General Manager for Zebra Enterprise Solutions. “Expanding our partner program to Zebra Enterprise Solutions will help drive additional revenue and business opportunities for Zebra and its partner community.”

About RFID Global Solution, Inc.

RFID Global Solution, Inc. is the leading provider of real time visibility solutions for commercial, defense and government customers. RFIDGS delivers enterprise asset visibility and the widest range of sensory data from active and passive RFID, GPS and Cellular technologies, in its award-winning turnkey and custom products. RFIDGS provides asset tracking and visibility solutions to the Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare, IT, Manufacturing and Art and High Value Asset markets. Our solutions focus on providing visibility of location, condition and identity, maintenance history, security and authentication.

About Zebra Enterprise Solutions

Zebra Enterprise Solutions, a division of Zebra Technologies Corporation, extends Zebra’s reach beyond passive RFID by employing state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions to locate, track, manage, and optimize high-value assets, equipment and people across the world’s largest supply chains. Whether tracking containers through a port, optimizing parts for manufacturing, or managing ground support equipment at an airport, the real-time asset management solutions from the combination of Navis, WhereNet, proveo, and Multispectral Solutions provide improved visibility and velocity to gain measurable business improvements. Utilizing products that are based on ISO/IEC 24730-2, Cisco CCX Wi-Fi, precision GPS, and UWB technologies, Zebra Enterprise Solutions offers a wide range of location solutions that are “application matched,” enabling its customers to put the right asset in the right place at the right time.