PowerID Battery Assisted Passive RFID Tags read at 160+ feet

Typical on-metal passive ISO18000-6C or EPCglobal Class 1 Generation 2 RFID tags read at distances up to 40 feet away. PowerID claims that its Battery-Assisted Passive RFID on-metal durable tags can be read from over 150 feet away. In fact, the PowerM is currently the only battery-assisted, passive RFID tag designed to work directly on metal assets. PowerID designed this version on the PowerM with an IP-67 rating – so it’s a lot more durable than the previous version. In this edition of the RFID Network benchmark test series, we’re going put the PowerM to the test and see just how much power PowerID’s on-metal RFID tags really have.

Battery-Assisted Passive (BAP) RFID Tags and Labels Performance Benchmark Tests

In fall of 2009, we performed benchmark testing of the PowerG and the previous version of the PowerM tag. For the RFID Network, we tested the new version of PowerM, which has a five year battery life and an IP67 Rating. We compared the these BAP RFID tags to the most commonly used ISO 18000-6C durable tags and passive labels to understand just how much difference the battery makes.

All tests are designed based on real-world scenarios that a tag will encounter. At least three trials of every test is performed. When possible, a different tag is used for each test in order to account for production variances. This also eliminates having a really good tag or a really bad tag that skews the results. Although tags may read briefly at further distances, each tag must maintain a 3 second read before the distance results are recorded. In some cases a tag would be read very briefly at a much greater distance than the recorded result demonstrates. Our team selected 3 seconds because it helps to eliminate tags reads resulting from stray reflections. After extensive testing by our team of experts, the results were captured and the averages are calculated and published below.

PowerM Durable RFID Tag Maximum Read Distance on Metal with CS-462 RFID Reader

In our stationary reader tests the PowerM durable RFID tage achieved an average of 162 feet on-metal. Keep in mind, the PowerM is a durable on-metal RFID tag for tracking metal assets such as automotive and aerospace parts.

For the full benchmark test protocol and results, click on the article link on our News page or go to the RFID Network site, under product reviews.