The CS203 Integrated Reader from CSL – great performance and low price

The CS203 is an EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C integrated UHF reader and antenna from Convergence Systems Limited. Recently upgraded, this unit is IP68 rated for indoor or outdoor applications and has a Mil Standard 810 rating for shock and vibration. Designed with versatility in mind the CS203 reader can be used in a variety of environment including warehouse, parking lot gate, livestock farm, or any location where asset visibility is essential.

It also has the lowest price point we’ve seen for a durable UHF reader on the market. At a street price of around $700.00, it is one of the Lowest Cost RFID integrated readers on the market.

The team at RFID Network put the CS203 through a variety of tests. The first such test involved 25 different takes utilizing a van moving at various speeds with a series of tags in the windshield. The van passed under a CS203 reader mounted 5.2 meters above the ground. The reader read all 5 tags without fail.

The next series of tests involved two different CS203 units and a variety of passive – RFID labels, metal mount, and battery-assisted – tags. Overall, the results were good with the reader showing a very respectable read range, especially given the unit’s low price point.

CS203 Attributes:

  • ISO 180000-6C Compliant
  • IP68 rated for dust and water
  • 810 Mil Standard rating for shock and vibration
  • Connects via Power over Ethernet (POE)
  • Available with either a left or right hand circular polarized antenna
  • Read Zone Control