Fixed Asset Lifecycle Management - Cisco Systems

Fixed Asset Lifecycle Management at Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking, communications and collaboration technologies, makes the equipment that powers the Internet. It also uses that equipment throughout its own data centers and wireless test labs. Cisco owns and operates more than two million fixed assets, such as routers, switches and blade servers. Every day thousands of IT assets are procured, deployed and moved between locations. Cisco’s senior management recognized an opportunity to optimize and safeguard the company’s investment in fixed IT assets, by automating equipment receiving, inventory management and audits, and asset sharing between departments.

RFID Global designed and deployed a nationwide infrastructure of RFID software, portals and mobile devices, integrating Visi-Trac software with IBM’s Tivoli Asset Management for IT and Cisco’s accounting systems. The project has resulted in improved cycle counts, more accurate audits better asset utilization and significant cost savings.