Industries - Satisfying Industry Asset Visibility Needs in:


industries_aerospaceRFID Global Solution has been recognized as the industry leader in aerospace, with award-winning solutions and successful installations across all aspects of the industry. We are proud to call Boeing, Jeppesen, NASA, Northrop Grumman and PPG Aerospace clients, among others.

RFIDGS has developed solutions for real-time parts, tools, flight map and workflow tracking, manufacturing Work-in-Process visibility, and time- and temperature tracking of sealants and adhesives. Our patented RFIDFreezer™ solution tracks sealants throughout the full supply chain lifecycle. The RFIDFreezer™ was recognized with a Boeing Silver Eagle Award for innovation.


data-center-racksRFID Global Solution provides IT and Fixed Asset tracking solutions for telecommunications and network providers, to track location, movement and availability of servers, routers, and lab and test equipment. Our Visi-Trac platform was designed to capture real time asset location and movement information and transmit this to financial accounting systems. As of May 2013, we have well under two million IT assets under management.


industries_defenseRFID Global Solution is recognized as one of the leading RFID integrators in the Defense industry. RFIDGS has delivered leading-edge solutions for the US Army Rapid Deployment Center, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Northrop Grumman Ship Systems, Office of Naval Research, Special Operations Command and USMC, among many others. RFIDGS partners include GDIT, IBM, SAIC and SRA. Since the mid-1990’s, RFIDGS team members have been at the forefront of RFID deployment in the DoD, where they led the successful design and deployment of the RF-ITV network worldwide.

Financial Services

Bank ImageRFID Global’s asset tracking credentials in the Financial Services’ industry are unparalleled in the industry. We completed the largest IT asset tracking deployment at over 25 Bank of America global data centers in 2011, and have several other financial services deployments under our belt.

Visi-Trac has been uniquely customized to meet the needs of the world’s leading banks as they undergo data center consolidations and migrations and strive to improve their data center performance management.


industries_governmentRFID Global Solution’s expertise in Government includes deploying IT Asset tracking solutions for Federal Agency Data Centers, and developing unique solutions for Municipal and County authorities such as SecureVote™, our automated tracking system for the management of voting equipment. RFIDGS has deployed access verification and asset security solutions for command center and public safety, conference attendance, IT assets and park permits.


industries_healthcareRFID Global Solution has developed and deployed large-scale RTLS infrastructure, including a 700 readpoint solution for a leading Northeast Hospital, vendor-managed inventory solutions for medical device manufacturers, tracked cardiac products, defense medical supplies and built solutions for kit check-in, replenishment and ship-out.

RFIDGS’ staff have also led Pharma RFID initiatives for Abbott Labs, H.D. Smith, Purdue Pharmaceuticals, and were the technical lead on Accenture’s Jumpstart program, which included Abbott, Barr, Cardinal Health, CVS, J&J, McKesson, Pfizer, P&G, Rite Aid, MDMA, FDA and MIT.


industries_manufacturingRFIDGS understands the diverse applications of RFID technology in the manufacturing process. From Work-in-process, inventory and tool tracking to yard management, our professionals have worked in some of the most technologically sophisticated manufacturing environments in the world.

RFIDGS has developed asset visibility solutions for heavy equipment mats in the oil & gas industry, marble slabs in the construction industry, conveyor sorting, and composite aircraft parts. The RFIDGS team has deployed solutions in manufacturing operations to track pallets, re-usable totes and RPCs, as well as racks for WIP and outbound logistics.

Oil & Gas

industries_transportationRFIDGS has developed solutions for tracking and managing assets used in the oil & gas and construction industries, from pipeline and heavy equipment to tools, construction pallets and scaffolding, in outdoor yards and warehouses.

RFID Global personnel have global field and deployment experience in the oil industry, in upstream and refinery operations.


industries_retailRFID Global Solution’s experts have developed and successfully pioneered RFID systems for the world’s largest retailers, Wal*Mart and Target, their top 100 suppliers, specialty high-end retailers Abercrombie & Fitch and Prada, and consumer products companies Brass Eagle and Monster Cable.

For Abercrombie, we developed an item-level denim tagging solution for global warehouse picking to store floor inventory. For Brass Eagle and Monster, we implemented RFID systems to comply with Wal*Mart and Best Buy mandates. Our Visi-Trac SaaS offering is designed for retailers with distributed store operations.

Art & High Value Assets

industries_artRFID Global Solution has a unique competency in the use of RFID technology to track and manage art and high value assets. We track corporate art collections, high value collectibles and memorabilia, and museum displays and artifacts.

ArtTrac Technologies™ is our go to market partner for solutions for the conservation, security, and storage of valuable art and other high-value assets. ArtTrac™ services museums, university and private collections, and auction houses.