About RFID Global Solution

RFID Global Solution, Inc. is the leading provider of real-time asset management solutions, giving you accurate information on the location, status, condition, history and almost anything else you want to know about your assets or personnel.


Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, RFID Global has designed and led some of the world’s largest deployments for Boeing, Cisco, Delta, DirecTV, DHS, Huntington Ingalls, IBM, the U.S. Social Security Administration and U.S. Department of Defense, among many other clients. Customer projects at Cisco, Delta, DIRECTV and Boeing supplier KMM, have been awarded ‘Best RFID Implementation of the Year’ or named finalists at the RFID Journal Awards from 2012-2017.

RFID Global serves clients in the aerospace, airline, communications, financial services, healthcare and oil & gas industries, providing asset management and operational insights for high-value IT assets and capital equipment.

In 2012-14, RFID Global earned three consecutive years on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America.Founded by RFID pioneers who led early projects with the US Department of Defense and Wal*Mart, RFID Global’s management and team are industry leaders from IBM, Iridium, MCI, Motorola and Northrop Grumman, and have led some of the world’s largest RFID deployments for global aerospace, airline and electronics manufacturers.

The RFID Global team can design and deploy solutions with the confidence and certainty that only comes from deep market understanding and ‘in the trenches’ experience.  RFID Global provides a one-stop shop for all your RFID solution needs, with RF experts in solution design, systems architecture, software integration, deployment and customer support. RFID Global is the most experienced solutions firm in the industry today, ready to help jumpstart your initiatives.


Visi-Trac, the company’s asset management software, automates tracking and managing IT assets and work-in-process throughout the full asset lifecycle. Visi-Trac provides location-aware business intelligence in an easy-to-use and intuitive system, improving inventory accuracy, service levels and financial results. We deliver enterprise asset visibility leveraging the widest range of data sources from active and passive RFID, GPS and sensor technologies.


Our customers have achieved 10X – 100X improvements in operational efficiency, saving labor time and costs, and reducing Cap Ex spending.


Data Center Asset Management, Inventory Automation, Audit compliance, Enterprise visibility, Smart Inventory Management, Supply Chain optimization, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Work-in-process, RFID, large-scale deployments.